City Fitness: Rebrand


The Tactics

City Fitness, Philadelphia-based Fitness club originally opened its doors in 2007 and had grown it’s membership by the thousands its first five years in business. Palette Group supported City Fitness in resetting it’s marketing strategies and tactics in 2016. In our online and offline marketing efforts, we grow closer to the brand’s ethos and community. Given the agency’s relationship with the brand, we were commissioned to identify and partner with a local creative director to lead the organization’s rebrand and implementation.

The Tactics

We partnered with the Philadelphia-based design firm, Smith and Diction to facilitate discovery sessions with City Fitness stakeholders, staff and gym members. After discovering key insights to inform the go forward brand ethos, the design firm went to work establishing the brand’s vision, mission, brand tone, and standards. Our team took those assets and integrated them into our already on social media and marketing campaigns. We also redesigned the seven club’s collateral ranging from business cards to outdoor signage.

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