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Director of Photography

Kevin "GK" Frederick

Kevin "GK" Frederick

Kevin ‘GK’ Frederick is a first generation American & Afro-Caribbean Cinematographer and image-maker based in NYC. Being raised in Antigua & Barbuda is the foundation of his storytelling and image-making. In his early years of living in Antigua, he developed a love for art, photography and filmmaking. Subsequently, he decided to move to New York City - where he was born, to further his pursuit in becoming an esteemed Cinematographer and Director. Above all, GK seeks to collaborate with artists & storytellers who create projects that contribute to the evolution of humanity.

DAP x Gap Anthem

Directed by Joshua Kissi, DoP: Kevin "GK" Frederick

Genesis - A Singer's Spirit

"Hera Hyesang Park is a world-renowned opera singer who serves as a bridge: between the East and the West, between classical and contemporary, and between

confidence and humility."

Director: Dan Buyanovsky

Producer: Kenton Cummings

Cinematographer: Kevin “GK” Frederick

Production Manager: Adam Chitayat

1st Camera Assistant: Niko Feldman

2nd Camera Assistant: Andre Fernandez

Steadicam: Franz Brun

Key Gaffer: Alexander Fischetti

Key Grip: Keve Huggins

Wardrobe: Alycen H . Case

HMU: Iona Moura

Production Assistant: Theo Douglas

Production Assistant: Jermaine Corey

Production Assistant: Michael Coccia

Covid Compliance: Mattheu Rivera

Facebook Group Black Girl's Healing House

DP: Kevin “GK” Frederick

Director: Anthony Prince Leslie

Creative Director: Ashley Cimone

Associate Producer: Ridah Farooqui

Olè Creative Producer: Kameron Richie

Producer: David Wept

Production Coordinator: Jagger Corcione

Production Coordinator: Ric-Chara Pina

AD: John Mingalone

Production Company: Equator Production

Amber Tamm

Amber Tamm is a young woman from Brooklyn who is a horticulturist, floral designer, community advocate, and farmer. Her life took a traumatic turn when her father

murdered her mother, shattering her love for life. It was a shocking trauma that deeply altered her being and state of mind, but through the darkness that she endured

fell a ray of sunshine that paved the foundation for her future. After coming to terms with the loss and adversity she endured, Amber ventured off into something that

she knew her mother would have loved for her to do, which was farming. The love she had for mother Earth only strengthened her convictions to follow a path in

agriculture. She collaborated with many communities around New York, building a healthy, warm, and welcoming space for black and brown people, and low-income

families. As we continue to dive into the powerful story of Amber Tamm we will gain a deeper understanding of what she's

been through and how it made her into the woman she is today.

Director, Producer: Safiyah Chiniere

Director of Photography: Kevin “GK” Frederick

Gaffer: Bradley Credit

Editor, Sound Designer: Billy Brown

Sound Mixer: Mauricio Escamilla

Animator: Avalon Nuovo

Colorist: Kevin “GK” Frederick

Production: Fiyah Films

Special Thanks

Amber Tamm

Brooklyn Community Garden

Brooklyn Grange

Fanm Nan Mòn: Womyn of the Mountainous Land

Fanm Nan Mòn: Womyn of the Mountainous Land, is an embodied journey of a womyn experiencing the gifts of various Haitian womyn archetypes (herbalist, mother,

artisan, dancer, merchant, leisurely neighbor) while reflecting on what it means to be connected to the universal spirit of Haitian feminine energy & the sacred essence of

the mountainous land.

Director, Producer, Editor: Love Soulèy

Director of Photography, Colorist: Kevin "GK" Frederick

Production Assistant, Photographer: Ryan Riley

Camera Assistant: Olu Femi

Fashion Designer: Pamela Barthelemy

Cast: Dyna Edyne, Elene Bruno, Mama Soulèy

Poet: Elene Bruno

Spoken Word: Linda Duvernè

Animator: Tiffany Tran

Music: Riva Prècil

HULU's Your Attention Please S2 - Densil Porteous

Short Doc featured on Your Attention Please Season 2 Episode 2


HULU Zuriht Serna

HULU Rachel Barrera

EXEC PROD Steve Oare

EXEC PROD Sean Patrick Kelly

PROD COORD Victoria Griggs

DIRECTOR: Cam Roberts


AC: Alberto Viglietta

DIT: Casey Hunter

LIVE STREAM: Taylor Tigner

GAFFER: Drew Theiss

KEY GRIP: Jared Greene

SOUND: Jim Rebraca

PROP MASTER: Heather Glass-Oaks

PROD MGR: Cory Wills

LOC MGR: Jeffrey Wills

PA: Caleb Faizi

COVID CO: Tiya Sowell

Joshu - 'Ocean Daze'

A call for adventure, a calling to the sea | Stream/Download "Ocean Daze" ep:

Photographed & Colored by: Kevin 'GK' Frederick

Still Photographers and Production Assistants: Justin "jus bus" nation / Anderson Andrews

Music/lyrics: Joshua Huntington-Rainey

Audio production: Justin "Jus Bus" Nation / Joshu

Audio mastering: Gäetan Ggolembuski

Film Lab: Metro Post NYC

Film stocks used: Kodak Vision 3 50D, 200T, 250D & 500T 100’ ft rolls

Created in Antigua & Barbuda W.I in 2019

Palm Sunday - Short Film Teaser

Based on real events in Raleigh, South Carolina... 'Palm Sunday' is a mordant ironic parable of cultural assimilation set in an impressively evoked '70s Deep South,

following a young Black Jamaican immigrant who, struck by a vision, then strives to be admitted to an all-white Baptist Church. Our "Hero" of the story, Jimmy Mcloud's

journey experiences these same familial paralyzing realizations in his own way- as he wrestles these institutions that in their construction were built to preserve and

fortify the intricacies of segregation still omnipresent in this 1970s chapter of post-colonization.

Directed by: Wes Goodrich, Talent: Justin K. Winley


2023 Best Short Film, Grand Jury Prize @ Calgary International Film Festival (OCAR Qualified)

2023 CUFF Grand Jury Best Short (Best Picture) at Lincoln Center New York

2023 Narrative Short: Best Drama @ Longleaf Film Festival North Carolina Museum of History

Victorine - Short Film Teaser

On the one year anniversary of her mother’s death, a Haitian-American dancer claims her place in a long line of powerful women. 2024 release date.

Dir: Lunise Cerin | Starring: Odley Jean

Spotify Frequency x Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins

Talent: Brandon Jenkins, Director: Josef Adamu, DP: Kevin "GK" Frederick, AC: Josh F. Catubig, Producer: Sinat Giwa, Assoc. Producer: Antoinette Isama, Spotify Marketing :Yasmeen Afifi

Welcome to Newark | Case Study

Hulu, Your Attention Please Season 2, Episode 2, Densil Porteous, Alias Films

The project was directed by Cam Roberts; It is a short film which features  Densil Porteous, his Jamaican upbringing, his experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and his close connection to this mother & Daughter.

Nike, 'Watch Us Rise', BHM Campaign 2020, WIB Agency

Directed by Joshua Kissi; This project was created for Nike's 2020 Black History Month Campaign

LifeWtr | LostKeys - Amina Baraka

Directed by Amandla Baraka "Lost Keys" is a window into the life, history, and home of a revolutionary artist - and grandmother. Amina Baraka talks with us through her experiences during the Newark Rebellions of 1967.