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Director of Photography

Kevin "GK" Frederick

Kevin "GK" Frederick

Originally born in Queens New York, Kevin Frederick, formally known as 'GK', developed an artistic eye in his early years of being raised in the West Indian, African diaspora of Antigua & Barbuda. There he developed a passion for the arts, which inspired him to obtain various skill sets in the fields of photography and motion picture. After a few years of being a photographer and videographer in Caribbean, he decided to return to his place of birth to pursue his goal of being a full time Cinematographer. In short, his work is a reflection of his outlook on life: vibrant colors, rich skin tones, his affection for shadows and highlights, but most importantly his love for art and storytelling. Above all, he believes that his purpose in life is to use his skills to help make the world a better place.

Hulu, Your Attention Please Season 2, Episode 2, Densil Porteous, Alias Films

The project was directed by Cam Roberts; It is a short film which features  Densil Porteous, his Jamaican upbringing, his experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and his close connection to this mother & Daughter.

Nike, 'Watch Us Rise', BHM Campaign 2020, WIB Agency

Directed by Joshua Kissi; This project was created for Nike's 2020 Black History Month Campaign

LifeWtr | LostKeys - Amina Baraka

Directed by Amandla Baraka "Lost Keys" is a window into the life, history, and home of a revolutionary artist - and grandmother. Amina Baraka talks with us through her experiences during the Newark Rebellions of 1967.