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Director of Photography

Lionel "LT" Djaowe

Lionel "LT" Djaowe

I'm a cinematographer and editor with an eye for detail and beauty. Being born in Europe and from African descent, my cultural background has helped me tremendously throughout my creative journey.

From the Corners to Mainstream, BET 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop


Make You Feel Trailer, Original Narrative

Jetstar Commercial

Playing Sam, Critic Trailer

Origins of Hip Hop

BET/ViacomCBS, BET's 40th Anniversary

Celebrities come together to celebrate BET's 40th anniversary with style and class.

STARR POWER Entertainment, Motions

A short narrative film where, the energy exchange of three New Yorkers collide on the train in stories of anxiety, heartache and redemption.

Warner Records, Prescriptions, STARRPOWER Entertainment

A young man is given a prescription by his therapist after expressing his life struggles. The effects of the prescription has outcomes he had never expected.