January 8, 2024

puma playback - a creative retrospective

puma playback - a creative retrospective

As Puma strides into its 75th year, a landmark era in sportswear, it’s not just celebrating a legacy but an evolution marked by resilience and innovation. This pivotal year stands as a shining testament to Puma’s dedication to excellence, much like the timeless allure of a diamond.

Palette Group has been a creative partner with Puma for the past two years, and had the privilege of bringing this anniversary campaign to life. Embracing the 'Forever Diamond' theme, this campaign is a convergence of Puma's dynamic spirit and Palette Group's diverse palette of creative voices. Together, we've encapsulated the essence of diamonds – their perpetual beauty, formidable strength, and unique narratives.

In this collaboration, Puma's products transcend their athletic identity, emerging as treasured symbols of enduring elegance and craftsmanship. This campaign is not just a celebration of Puma's heritage; it's a bold statement of its continued journey in redefining the intersection of sports, style, and culture.

Forever Diamond, Angella Choe
Forever Diamond, Angella Choe

Diving into the core of Puma's 75th-anniversary campaigns, we've got a double entendre connected stories: Forever Diamond, Ain't Broke, and Flawless. Each one adds its own flavor, blending together.  From celebrating the brand's timeless appeal in 'Ain't Broke' to embracing individual perfection and inclusivity in 'Flawless.' These creative treatments are not just marketing tools but intricate storytelling devices that showcase Puma's diverse and dynamic spirit.

Accompanied by a director's cut film produced by cinematographer Cameron DeMars, these campaigns invite audiences on an immersive journey, showcasing Puma's unbreakable spirit and the dazzling triumph of being 'Forever Diamond' in a world of fleeting trends.

Over the past two years the collaboration with Puma was a canvas for a spectrum of voices, each bringing their unique perspectives and styles. Alicia Shi’s visual storytelling transforms ordinary streetwear into extraordinary fashion statements, blending cultures and aesthetics with an effortless finesse. Her lens captures the essence of Puma's Suede Classics and the 75th Anniversary campaigns, infusing them with a high-fashion street vibe that's both relatable and aspirational.

Puma Suede Classics, Alicia Shi
Unbreakable - Flawless, Alicia Shi
Back to School Kids Classics, AW23, Alicia Shi
Back to School AW23, Alicia Shi
Back to School AW23, Alicia Shi

Angella Choe’s approach is a masterclass in redefining visual narratives. Her work traverses the realms of portraiture and fashion, infusing each frame with a rich tapestry of stories and emotions.

Her talent lies in celebrating diversity and individuality, making each subject shine in their own light, be it through the 'Unbreakable' or 'Forever Diamond' campaigns. This is where Puma's ethos meets the street's heart, through Angella's transformative vision.

Ain't Broke, Angella Choe
Angella Choe

Emily Hlavac Green, Bertram Knight, and Marie Lombardo – each contribute a distinct flavor to the Puma narrative. Emily's upbringing in the raw landscapes of New Zealand translates into her work, where nature meets fashion in a stunning dance of color and form.

Bertram's sun-kissed imagery, crafted in the diverse landscapes of LA, reflects a journey of exploration and discovery, mirroring the adventurous spirit of Puma.

Marie, with her ability to create a nurturing and expressive environment, allows her subjects to unfold naturally, capturing moments of genuine expression and warmth.

Global Outlets SS22, Emily Hlavac Green
Global Outlets SS22, Emily Hlavac Green
Global Outlets SS23, Bertram Knight
Global Outlets SS23, Bertram Knight
Big & Tall SS22, Marie Lombardo
Big & Tall SS22, Marie Lombardo

Together, these creative minds form a mosaic of perspectives, each iterating on Puma's campaigns with their unique creative languages. This is the 'palette of voices’.

Palette Group's collaboration with Puma is a testament to the seamless fusion of creative talents and visionary production leadership. At the helm of these innovative campaigns was Moe Elgawly, a figure whose expertise in fashion design, art direction, and production has carved a niche in the world of creative storytelling.

Moe's journey from founding fashion brands to shaping visual narratives for Puma has been marked by his commitment to respect, dignity, and grace. This ethos, deeply ingrained in his approach, has been instrumental in elevating the campaigns to realms of clean, editorial style.

Flawless, Corri Plunket & Moe Elgawly

Supporting Moe's vision were producers like Corri Plunkett, Suli Gisele, Victoria Schep, Camilla Adao and others, each bringing their robust film and photography production experience. They formed the backbone of these campaigns, orchestrating the complex dance of logistics and creativity.

In tandem, cinematographers Adisa Duke, Phil Meyer, Gian Carlo, and Cam Demars lent their visual acumen, capturing Puma's essence through their lenses, setting new visual standards and trends in motion picture.

Flawless, Victoria and Suli
Liz Barella, Production Designer
Christina Allen, Production Designer
Camilla Adao, Creative Director

The year culminated in the Puma Holiday campaign, a project that brought Tonje Thilesen's photographic mastery to the forefront. Born in Oslo and now a Brooklyn resident, Tonje's vision for the campaign was to imbue it with the whimsical charm and distinctive style of a Wes Anderson film.

This creative direction was mirrored in the behind-the-scenes capture by Phil Meyers, whose work echoed the same meticulous and stylistic nuances.

The campaign stands as a celebration of collaborative spirit, embodying the quirky, idiosyncratic world of Wes Anderson, while staying true to the athletic and fashionable soul of Puma. This blend of cultural awareness and creative prowess not only marks the end of a successful year but also sets the stage for future endeavors where imagination and execution coalesce to create magic.

Tonje Thilesen
Puma Holiday 23, Tonje Thilesen
Puma Holiday 23, Tonje Thilesen
Puma Holiday 23, Tonje Thilesen
Puma Holiday 23, Tonje Thilesen

As we look back on two incredible years of working with Puma, it's clear that our journey has been about more than just creating ads. We've been telling stories, mixing Palette Group's rich mix of voices with Puma's cool, sporty vibe.

From city streets to the world of elevated sportswear, we've made our mark together, keeping things real and imaginative every step of the way. Looking ahead, we're hype to keep this partnership going and we're throwing open the doors for more creatives to jump in. There's a whole world of fresh ideas and new adventures out there, and we're just getting started. Here's to more storytelling, more creativity, and more unforgettable moments with Puma. Let's make some magic happen!

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