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Creative Director

Gabriella Narvaez

Gabriella Narvaez

Curiosity lies at the core of my creativity. I ask questions, problem solve, and believe in asking "why?" With a genuine sense of curiosity I believe we can tackle any brief and make truly great work. When you pair that with an unstoppable drive and an ambition to diversify representation in media you’ve met me.

Nike, AirDrop 1, AnalogFolk

Problem —  All too often sneaker releases are monopolized by an elite group who swoop up all the heat. 
Opportunity — Democratize the shoe drop at Super Bowl 53.
Introducing AirDrop1, a new kind of shoe drop making it rain 1s from the cloud.

One Love, Love Is Learned, Arts & Letters

As children, we’re taught that love is a feeling. We’re told it’s an emotion we experience, something we fall into, something we discover. But what if we were taught to think of love as a practice that’s unique to all of us?  What if we were taught that love is learned?

Allyship & Action, The State of Equity, Allyship & Action / Palette Group

2020: the year of unlearning.  Unlearning your vote doesn’t matter. Unlearning your voice won’t be heard. Unlearning that allyship means passing the mic. Allyship means stepping up to the mic and into the work. For the inaugural State of Equity Summit, A&A tapped me to develop and lead the creative direction for the event. What resulted was a refreshed take on their creative system, a dynamic promotional push, and a robust system of content and creative bringing to life the spirit of the event.